Re: Re: Assignment 8 submission

Duncan Rawlinson

Wonderful work!

This image is spectacular. You’ve kept enough detail to keep the image interesting but the composition is so good that the image isn’t cluttered or distracting. This is in large part to your great composition. You’ve managed to keep the 4 walls of your photograph clear of any distracting elements. You’ve amputated each wall at the perfect time as to ensure not to distract your audience.

Your horizon line is located below the half way point ensuring your abiding by the rule of thirds. You’ve also managed to include a very large depth of field in this photograph. Although not the main focus of this image, the hills and mist in the far background serve as a very pleasing highlight of this photograph.

You’ve also used balance in an informal (off-balance), yet fairly symmetrical manner. The reflection of the sky in the water is breathtaking as are the subtle colors in the sky itself.

The color simplicity and organization is yet another highlight of this photograph. The photograph is complex in the right artistic elements and simple in the technical elements. It comes across as a well thought out and professional image.