Re: Re: assignment 8

Duncan Rawlinson

Great assignment. This is definitely your most daring and artistic shot yet. I had a great initial reaction to this photograph. It’s dark, gritty and a little on the scary side. Your composition of this photograph is great. From the placement of the cat’s eyes to the 4 clean walls of your photograph, this is a really well composed shot.

You’ve also managed to organize the color to a limited spectrum and this gives the photograph a simple and easy to look at feel.

My only criticism is that your focus is slightly off in this picture. You’ve used a shallow depth of field, which is great, but your main area of focus should have been the cat’s eye in the foreground. I think your focus is slightly on the nose of the cat where it should be in the eyes or at least in the eye near the left hand wall. This would give your viewers something to focus on and rest their eye on while the explored the rest of the photograph.

Other than that, this is a great shot. Once of my favourites of yours!