Re: Re: assignment 9

Duncan Rawlinson

I’m really impressed with both of these images. However, I’m particularly drawn towards the first image of the cityscape in the foreground of the landscape.

Not only am I drawn towards the unusual formatting of your frame size, but I also love the way the layers interact with one another and I really like the tonal range of the shot. You have such vibrant whites and such rich blacks.

I also like how your three layers are so easily identifiable. Your first layer is your cityscape with lush trees and buildings. Your middle-ground is your mountain range. It’s full of beautiful texture It also provides a sort of “backdrop” for your buildings to rest against.

I also like how you perspective brackets the buildings into that one layer. The buildings never rise above the mountains (which would be the case if your perspective was lower). In your composition however, this is not the case.

Your third layer is the sky. This grey layer acts as negative space to help you draw your viewer’s attention to the two more interesting layers. Yet, it also serves the technical purpose of helping your image abide by the rule of thirds. Your composition is broken up into three very distinct thirds.

Again, my only concern is soft focus. It could be caused by camera shake or too slow a shutter speed, but this image would look beautiful blown up if it had sharper focus. Enlarge the image by clicking on it and then click on it again to fully enlarge it. Notice how the building to the left (the main object of the composition) is in soft focus? This will become an increasingly important issue to address in your upcoming assignments.

Great work overall though.