Re: Re: Assignment #9

Duncan Rawlinson

Great work.

This assignment asked that you find a composition which takes into consideration the tonal range of the environment. You’ve done a great job of that.

I’ve attached the “levels” reading of your image and you can see the range of tonality from vibrant whites to deep blacks.

You will also be able to see that your tones are slanted towards the dark end of the spectrum which means that although this image has tonal range, it doesn’t’ have tonal balance, which isn’t right or wrong. Generally speaking though, images that don’t have tonal balance are much more dramatic than their more balanced counterparts.

My only concern with this image is how you’ve framed the lines of the image. The design element of “line” plays a big role in this composition. I see it in the bridge, in the horizon, in your foreground, in the architectural structure of the bridge and in the trees.

Most of the lines are vertical, but part of the structure of the bridge (near the foreground) seems slanted and this throws off the sense of unity. I think if you framed this image with less of the slanted lines, it would have looked more harmonious.

Other than that… great work!