Re: Re: Assignment 9 – B & W

Duncan Rawlinson

Hello. This is a great photograph. In fact, there is nothing wrong with the composition at all. Although the main leaf is fairly central it seems to work well with the placement of the rest of the leaves. Also, you don’t have a balanced look to the image because of the tonal range in the photograph. The blacks look “heavier” than the grays and whites and therefore the right side of the photograph has slightly more weight to it helping to create a nice sense of informal balance.

My only criticism in fact is that although you have pushed the tonal range to the dark end of the spectrum, you’re whites are not pushed far enough. I’ve included your tonal range reading below for you to see. Notice you have good representation within the blacks but you completely lack whites. You have light grey, but no white.

I’ve also included a picture that I edited slightly that turned your sky white. This image has the same low key attributes but the vibrant whites help liven up the photograph.

However, this is a stunning photograph. You’ve done a great job… Just keep your eye out for as broad of a tonal range as possible. I hope this helps!