Re: Re: Assignment 9 – Black and White

Duncan Rawlinson

Hello and thank you for this assignment submission.

I really love the composition of both of these images. I’m particularly drawn towards the composition of the first image. The photograph uses lines in such a way that help not only lead the viewer’s eyes into the frame, but also to guide them through the depth of the photograph. The diagonal line gives the illusion of dimension as it trails off into the water. My only concern with this image is that it doesn’t have very wide tonal range. It has a lot of mid-tones and dark tones, but light tones are all together absent. I’ve taken a reading of the images “levels” for you so you can see this for yourself. The dark tones are represented on the left of the image, while the light tones should be represented on the right side of the graph (but notice the graph doesn’t pick up anything beyond light mid-tones. Therefore, you can see that this image in fact lacks wide tonal range.

Your second image has much better tonal range. I’ve included the levels reading from that image as well. Notice how you filled out the spectrum better with an assortments of whites as well as darks (although again, the majority of your pixels are mid-tones, which is why the levels look like a “hump”).

Overall, great work in terms of composition. I just wanted to expose the tonal range issue to you. You can see the levels in the attachment below.