Re: Re: Assignment #9 – B&W

Duncan Rawlinson

Excellent assignment. I truly enjoyed looking through this photograph from both a technical and artistic standpoint.

You’ve incorporated so much into this photograph without making it appear too busy or cluttered. Not only have your introduced numerous subjects into this shot (plates, glasses, tables, candles etc), you’ve also used numerous compositional elements to help enhance your image. For instance, you’ve used lines, shapes and depth to help provide the illusion of 3 dimensions and none of your objects interfere with one another. It looks like a very well thought out photograph.

Most importantly however you captured an incredibly wide tonal range. The vibrant whites of the camera strongly contrast against the dark blacks of the black dishes on the table.

You’ve done a wonderful job with this assignment. The white writing against the black is a beautiful detail that helps show the contrast of the tones side by side.

Keep up the great work!