Re: Re: Assignment 9 submission

Duncan Rawlinson


Great assignment. Both photographs are not only very well composed, but also very black and white friendly. They both have wide tonal ranges which ensures that they are not flat and boring. Both are very lively based on content and the technical makeup of the shots.

Let me begin by speaking about some of the highlights of both shots. The portrait is very well composed. You have clean edges with no distracting secondary elements sneaking their way into your shot. Secondly, you’ve used a shallow depth of field to help isolate your object and separate him from the background. Thirdly you’ve managed to capture a great facial expression and position of the body and face. Lastly, the tonal difference between the black and the whites is quite noticeable and this helps ensure your composition is suitable for black and white photography. Great work.

The second image is also great for different reasons. I must say, the biggest highlight of this photograph is your ability to simply a fairly chaotic natural environment. You were not afraid to include a lot of information which is great. Obviously you must be careful with your framing and especially as it relates to the 4 walls of your photograph. However, you did a great job of setting your framing of this shot. The composition, the placement of the main objects (i.e. waterfall, trees etc), and the slow shutter speed all help to give this shot a very magical feel.

I only have two recommendations. First, I’m not sure if this was intentional or not, but you have a lot of “noise” in your first portrait photograph. It becomes more noticeable the larger the image is, but there is noticeable noise in that image. What you might want to consider is shooting at a lower ISO speed. The lower the ISO speed (i.e 50 or 100) the less noise will be in your images. If you’re shooting at 800+ you’ll get noise (i.e. digital grain) in your images.

I hope this helps!