Re: Re: Assignment 9

Duncan Rawlinson

You definitely understand the idea of tonal range. You have vibrant whites and very dark blacks in this photograph. And while the shot is balanced towards the dark end of the spectrum, you include enough white highlights to make the shot interesting.

I also noticed your composition is getting much better, but you still have some amputation of parts of the picture frames on the top wall of your photograph. Be sure to always keep an eye out for that. The other walls however, are fine. It’s undoubtedly a marked improvement from your previous shots (as far as amputation goes). Good job.

My only criticism, is that this photograph lacks a main area of interest. My eye simply wanders around looking for something to rest on. I like looking at the falling water, but it’s not pronounced enough to be your main object. There lacks a central character in this photograph. The waterfall in general could be considered your primary object, but it’s a little busy to find 1 defining feature.

But this assignment asked you to find a wide tonal range in your everyday environment and you’ve done that perfectly. Great job!