Re: Re: Assignmnet 3

Duncan Rawlinson


Thanks for sending in your assignment!

You’ve shot a couple nice photographs here but there is always room for improvement. Your first photograph features shallow depth of field and some lovely colors. You must be in Australia?! 😉

It appears as though you we’re shooting at around ISO 800 which means it was a relatively low light environment (assuming you didn’t set the ISO) manually. Just be aware that higher ISO images will feature more grain (depending on the quality of your sensor). In low light you really don’t have much of a choice though.

All that said you have achieved a shallow depth of field image and that was a critical element of this lesson.

Your next photograph is a panning photograph. You have made a good effort here and you can certainly see that there is motion in the photograph so you’ve achieved the other half of the assignment.

Of course there is room for improvement here as well. When panning a photograph there are a whole host of things you can do to achieve the look you want. Well instead of me going through all of them in detail just take a look at this video:

Your last photograph featuring the market is a nice image. I have a feeling that you will come to realize the more people you have in photographs the more interesting they will be.

Your photograph reminded me of this photo I shot in Madrid Spain recently.

Nice work here, see you on the next assignment.