Re: Re: barn

Duncan Rawlinson

This is a fantastic example of what this assignment called for.

You’ve taken an image that is well composed and you’ve cleaned it up a bit, exaggerated a few parts and cropped it differently to help get rid of unnecessary secondary objects. You’ve done all this while still allowing the photograph to maintain a realistic look.

When I look at this image I’m most drawn towards the textures and colors in the barn. The green landscape provides context and helps you incorporate a wider color palette, but the barn is the main area of interest. By you cropping to include less of the background context you’ve further exaggerated the importance and focus on the barn. Things that are less noticeable in your first image become much more apparent in you second image.

Not only that, but things I wouldn’t have noticed in your first image, become primary stylistic elements in your second image. For example, the blue above the barn door provides a dramatic color highlight that is too subtle to notice in your first image. In your second image however, it pulls my eye towards it and from there I can start exploring the textures of the doors, woods and windows.

Overall, I really like this image and its increased saturation. Great work!