Re: Re: Basic Photography Composition

Duncan Rawlinson

Great work on this assignment. Each of these photographs posses different strengths. What I most appreciate about your first image is its informal sense of balance. You’ve incorporated a leading line (i.e. wall) that leads the viewer’s eyes to the first house on the right. This is your “stopper”; the object that your audience can rest on while they are not exploring the rest of the image. However, a duplicate of this structure is found to the left of the image as well. Because it’s in the distant, the structure “weighs” less and therefore helps you create a sense of informal balance while maintaining your color palette and a slight sense of repetition (i.e. pattern).

Your second and third images are also very strong. My only concern with both of those images is that my eye is drawn towards the center in both images. This is because your horizon line is almost dead center in both compositions. As a general rule of thumb decide which part of your composition is the more interesting 2/3rds and make that the majority of your composition.

I really like the leading lines in both the second and third photography (i.e. river and road), and both images contain many great photographic elements. I’m particularly drawn towards the texture in the third photograph.

Here’s a recommendation for your last image. Try getting closer to the ground which will allow you to make the road a stronger foreground element. However, the trees have a magical quality to them. Maybe try including the trees as predominant part of the composition while minimizing the road to 1/3rd of the composition. There is no right way to do this and centering your composition isn’t wrong, but we want to see you experiment with space and position.

Great work overall! Beautiful photographs.