Re: Re: Beast and Beauty

Duncan Rawlinson

Wow. You’re definitely onto a very artistic idea. At first glance I thought the photograph was a little “busy”, but I think I can see what you were trying to accomplish. Let me begin by pointing out what I think you should do different next time then I’ll explore the creative possibilities of this shot with you.

First, and most importantly, this photograph lacks clarity in 2 ways.

1. It’s blurred and out of focus
2. It lacks a distinguishable primary object for the eye to rest on.

You may have seen this shot in your camera’s view finder and it looked fine. However, when enlarged to this size, the blur becomes quite distracting. It looks a little accidental to me. Secondly, you seem to have a primary object just above the center of the photograph but I can’t make out what it is. It’s a distracting feature as far as the photographs audience is concerned.

So in future photographs I want you to play close attention to focus and finding a distinguishable element for the audience’s eye to rest on while it’s not exploring the rest of the photograph.

However, from an artistic standpoint, you’ve come across something very interesting. Not only are you experimenting with one of photographers favourite tools (i.e. mirrors and reflections), but you’re also experimenting with the texture of the mirror.

I noticed there is a slightly different texture that runs around the 4 edges of this mirror. When you zoomed in on your second shot, you’ve captured some of this edge. This created a second texture on part of your photograph. I think that is a very interesting concept and you should explore that idea a little more. Think about these ideas…

1. what would happen if you put a texture like clear lip gloss on a mirror and then shot the mirror with something interesting in the background?

2. What would happen if you were shooting through a window with some type of texture on it (i.e. Dirt, paint etc)?

These create interesting foregrounds and can lead to some very interesting creative shots.

From an artistic standpoint I think you’re heading down the right path. I just want to see you spend the time to focus on the technical elements as well.

Keep up the good work! Let’s see what else you can do.