Re: Re: Beast to Beauty

Duncan Rawlinson

Hello Kat. You’re off to a great start and you’ve shown your understanding of what was asked of you. You definitely made the unnoticeable hook more interesting by putting a bright red garment on it.

However, I do have a couple of strong recommendations for you to keep your eyes on. This recommendation will have a dramatic impact on the quality of your work right away. The photographic techniques I’m about to tell you have not been discussed yet but it’s important that I point them out to you now so you can make corrections to ensure they don’t happen again in your future photographs.

Be very careful about ‘amputating’ parts of your photograph. I noticed that you “amputated” (this means that one of the 4 walls of the photograph ‘cut’ your subject) the bottom of the red top. You decided to include the top of the dress but the bottom edge of the photograph cut the bottom of the top off. Take a look around at photographers you admire and notice how they very rarely ever amputate their main subject unless it’s well thought out or necessary to get other important elements into the photograph. There are strategic amputation techniques, but you should try to make a decision about what makes it into the 4 walls of your photograph. You wanted to bring the red top into the photograph but you didn’t pay attention to the bottom wall of the photograph.

Pay extra close attention to the 4 walls of the photograph to see if they are cutting anything off. If something is getting “cut” then make a decision to get rid of it all together or bring it fully into the photograph. Unless very well done, it is distracting the viewer’s eye to see subjects with amputation due to one of the walls of the photograph cutting it off.

But other than that great job! I look forward to seeing your future assignments in the student community