Re: Re: Beast to Beauty

Duncan Rawlinson

Hello. Good job on completing your first assignment.

You definitely got the concept right. Instead of keeping your camera zoomed out you moved in closer to get rid of certain distracting elements. You also did a good job of using interesting colors in your photograph.

However, there are a few major mistakes made in the following photograph. That being said, you haven’t learnt these concepts yet (they appear later in the learning maerial), but you should keep an eye out for them anyway.

First, you simply moved in closer to get rid of some distracting elements around the edges of yoru photograph. For example you removed cups, creams and the sink from the second shot. However, the second shot still includes distracting visual elements. The reflection of the mirror is still showing items which are ‘amputated” (Cut off at the edges) with no real purpose.

Secondly, the general organization of your photograph could be improved. While it’s clear that the cup of toothbrushes are the main object, it’s not clear what the purpose of the other objects are.

Try simplifying even more with both colors and subjects. Remember, you must put as much thought into what shouldn’t make it into the 4 walls of your photograph as you should about what makes it into the 4 walls of the photograph.

A great start. I look forward to seeing your next assignment! Good luck!