Re: Re: Before/After

Duncan Rawlinson

before after purple flower

Thanks for submitting your photo.

The assignment:

In this exercise we want you to feel free to digitize a photograph however you wish using any of the elements taught above. The only limitation we want to impose is that we don’t want you to over-exaggerate anything to make the photograph look too abstract or fake. We don’t want to see purple sky’s unless it’s believable. You can dull colors, enhance colors, change skies, insert new elements or anything else you wish. Just be careful not to overuse any of those elements and create a cartoonish, artificial looking photograph.

You have submitted two photographs.

I’m glad you’ve taken the time to play with some photoshop and add some filters to you image. You’ve made a nice image.

The first photograph you submitted is nice but it’s very much under exposed. So that’s a bit of a non starter right there.

There is a saying in digital darkroom that goes ‘garbage in, garbage out’. Meaning if you start with something that isn’t great, you’ll only end up with something slightly better. For example, if you start with a small pixelated image there is only so much you can do with something like that.

I’m not saying your image is ‘garbage’ I’m just saying always beware of starting a digital darkroom / photoshop project with less than great source material. In this case, an underexposed image.

Your second photograph appears to be virtually identical except for filter(s) applied to the image. Filters are very exciting when you start using photoshop or other photo processing software. The temptation is to overuse them and create very surreal looking photographs. The question you should ask yourself is ‘what value does this add’? If you’re removing a scratch or dust from a photo the answer is simple, you’re clearing up the image and making it better. However if you’re unsure of what value a certain filter is adding to your photograph I would think twice before using it.

That said this is a delightful image but it could be a little brighter and the filter(s) could be a little more subtle.

Great work! Onward!