Re: Re: before/after

Duncan Rawlinson

Hi Kristopher!

Thanks for submitting another assignment.

The assignment:

In this exercise we want you to feel free to digitize a photograph however you wish using any of the elements taught above. The only limitation we want to impose is that we don’t want you to over-exaggerate anything to make the photograph look too abstract or fake. We don’t want to see purple sky’s unless it’s believable. You can dull colors, enhance colors, change skies, insert new elements or anything else you wish. Just be careful not to overuse any of those elements and create a cartoonish, artificial looking photograph.

You’ve taken an already colorful image and added a bit of punch to it in photoshop (or other software). You’ve done what appears to be a sort of cross processing effect.

Cross processing was historically done using a the wrong chemical solution a type of film on purpose. Hence the name cross processing. It would result in often unpredictable and organic effects that just can’t be replicated.

In your image you’ve done something similar and I think it works well. These types of digital darkroom effects, filters, and modifications are so subjective that there really is no right or wrong way of doing them. Of course you must choose your filters and effects carefully because when they’re overdone it will take away from your image.

You’ve chose a nice effect here and it’s not overdone so you’ve completed this assignment very well.

A couple minor notes would be as follows:

You model’s pose is nice but next time you may want a little more separation between her and the background. If you’re on a telephoto lens this is tough because they compress everything so you’ll have to play around with it.

If you think her barefeet add value to the frame than you’re framing is quite nice. I would suggest getting tighter in on the model so we can see more detail on here face.

Also don’t forget crooked lines. The door in the BKG has a line on that appears to be crooked relative to your model’s position.

All of those notes are minor and this assignment is really not about that, so job well done!