Re: Re: black and white

Duncan Rawlinson

Great work with this assignment.

This assignment asked you to find an environment with a wide tonal range. You’ve done a great job of that. I’ve taken a “levels” reading of your image and you have strong pixel representation in both the dark and light ends of the spectrum. Great work

This photograph has a noticeably dark slant to its tonal balance. I can also see that by looking at your levels reading. You have many more dark tones than you do light tones. In fact, your levels reading has the shape of a cup. It has peeks at both ends of the spectrum and it has small representations in the mid tones (i.e. grays).

This is a great example of a good black and white photograph. As mentioned in your lecture readings, tonal balance isn’t necessary, but range is. In your case, you’ve balanced towards the dark end of the spectrum, but you’ve still allowed vibrant whites into your composition.

The composition of this image is also very strong. You’ve used the buildings to help create a sort of highly textured and interesting negative space. They also help create a sort of a “frame within a frame” that guides your viewer’s eyes down the ally into the background of the photograph.

You’ve also used the lights coming down from the upper right corner as a “leading line” to help guide your viewer’s eye into the composition.

Great work on this assignment!

I’ve attached the levels reading for this photograph in case you haven’t taken one yet.

All the best!