Re: Re: Black and White

Duncan Rawlinson

Great work with this assignment.

This assignment asked that you show your ability to see the world around you in tones. This means instead of seeing color, you’re looking for tonal variations in your surrounding environment. You’ve done a great job of that. I’ve attached the “levels” reading from Photoshop to this review to show you (and other students) that this image truly possesses tonal representation at both ends of the chart. Not only do you have bright whites, but you also have deep, rich blacks.

From a composition standpoint you’ve also done a great job. However, I do have 1 major recommendation. Your ground is infinitely more interesting than your sky. I would suggest that you change your perspective and get close to the ground and include more of the ground as your foreground and less of your sky. The ground has interesting texture, patters and shadows. By getting closer to the ground it would also act as a much stronger foreground element giving your composition a much stronger sense of depth.

On a similar note it would help you place less emphasis on the sky. The sky (especially in the top-left corner) is completely blown out. Essentially, you’ve lost all digital information in that area of the composition. It can’t be fixed in post production.

We’ve written an entire blog post about the subject here:

Please take the time to read that article as it’s a common problem digital photographers face.

Overall though, great work!