Re: Re: Black & White Assignment

Duncan Rawlinson

Spectacular composition.

My initial reaction to the technical and artistic elements of this photograph was very strong. However, one of the first things I noticed was that a large potion of your floor was “burnt out” (i.e. overexposed and completely lacking detail).

Some cameras have “zebra” settings where you’ll be alerted if you’re blowing out areas of white in your image. If you’re concerned about this happening you should use this setting. It’s a large problem because the image has been deteriorated in this section. Simply put, the information in that region is lost. It can’t be recovered in post production.

This is a common problem with digital cameras. Digital cameras (more so than film cameras) have a hard time handling dynamic range (also known as latitude). We’ve actually written an article about it here:
Other than that, I think the image is great. You’ve used lines and shapes as your primary focus and you’ve incorporated strong textures into this beautiful black and white photograph. You’ve also used strong layers that help give your audience the feeling of “being there”. Having a strong foreground, middle ground and background really help engage your audience.

Wonderful work!