Re: Re: Black & White

Duncan Rawlinson

Hello Kat.

Great shots. I particularly like the slower shutter speed shot. And in these shots you have a much wider tonal range than in your last shot with too many grey tones. From a black and white photography standpoint you’ve done a really good job of seeing tonal range. I really like the tonal imbalance with both shots being low key photographs with high key highlights.

I do have two strong recommendations for you however. First of all the composition could use slight improvements. I like how the waterfall is off to the side but it’s very close to the center of the photograph along the vertical axis. I think (depending on which is more interesting) you should have placed it slightly higher or slightly lower.

Secondly and more importantly, I want to see you start to play around with foreground objects and leading lines. You’re very good at focusing on your main object that usually lies in the middleground. I want you to pay extra close attention not to your foreground.

In your photographs I notice there is a branch by the side of the river. What about positioning yourself behind the branch and either shooting through it or repositioning it to provide a leading line into the photograph. Likewise, there are great rock formations in this shot. What about getting close to one of these rocks and using them in your foreground. Especially with landscape photographs like this, a strong foreground gives the viewer the feeling of “being there” since it provides a better understanding of depth.

Other than that, I really think you’re on the right path. I’ve noticed marked improvements in your work. Very impressive.

All the best.