Re: Re: Busy

Duncan Rawlinson

This is a great photograph.

It would have been a good photograph to upload for your assignment on black and white photography because it has such a wide tonal range and obvious tonal imbalance, but it’s also a great photograph for this assignment since it incorporates a fairly large geographic space and has many components to it.

The composition is simplified by the setting is by no means simple. You have many objects both primary and secondary that help you tell your visual story within this photograph. The desk, chair, table lamp and open book act as your primary objects with the other desk objects acting provide context as secondary objects.

You were able to design this scene however you liked and I think you’ve done a great job of keeping it simple enough to understand without oversimplifying the composition.

Again, you’ve used negative space to help draw your viewer’s eye towards only the essential elements and nothing is overexposed. Your camera seems to do a great job of handling latitude. In fact, I don’t recall exposure ever being a problem with any of your shots, but it’s a very common problem with digital photograph so I would highly recommend you read our recent blog post on the topic on our blog here:

This is such a great photograph. Thank you for submitting it for this assignment.