Re: Re: B&W

Duncan Rawlinson

Thanks for submitting your assignment.

The assignment:

This will be an assignment which will challenge you as a black and white photographer. For this assignment create a black and white photograph with the following characteristics

1. A wide tonal range
2. An uneven tonal balance which is unevenly slanted towards the black end of the spectrum making the photograph appear low key (dark).

You can have gray tones as well but the majority of your picture should be black tones with small amounts of white highlights.

You have submitted one delightful photograph for this assignment.

Seeing in tones is quite difficult. I have a hard time doing it. In fact I find it quite difficult and I rarely shoot in black and white.

The photography you submitted for this assignment is a black and white photography of a dog.

This is a lovely photograph and it gives you a sense of warmth and fun.

You’ve completed the assignment in that the photograph contains primarily darker tones with some white highlights. In this case the dog’s coat is mostly dark with some light spots on it so well done!

Your second photogrpah is STUNNING.

There comes a time when there isn’t much for me to add in terms of a critique because the students’ photos get so good that there isn’t much room for improvement. You’re pretty much there is seems.

In an photograph like this just be aware of your depth of field. If you want everything in focus you’ll have to shoot f11+ and that means if things are moving in the wind it can get a bit out of focus.

The ideal scenario is to shoot when the light is good and there isn’t much wind for a shot like this. You can then have full control over your depth of field.

I really like this photograph and I’m quite proud that you’ve taken the course material and done so well.

Good job!