Re: Re: candle highlights

Duncan Rawlinson

Wonderful photograph!

You’ve captured the wide tonal range that was asked for you exceptionally well. The bright tones of the candles are strongly contrasted with the dark tones of the background and the candles themselves provide some gradients of grey to help provide some texture and tonal variance. Great photograph!

You’ve done a great job of using depth in this photograph. You’ve positioned your camera close enough to the foreground and your background is just slightly blurred which help you maintain the context of the shot while at the same time providing the illusion of 3 dimensions.

My only concern with the photograph is the right wall of the image. Amputating objects is always tricky in images when it’s unavoidable. That being said, amputation isn’t always a bad thing if it’s well thought out. As a general rule of thumb however, your foreground (if it’s the layer in focus) is seen as more distracting if it’s the layer that is being amputated. The candle in the foreground on the right side of the frame is a little distracting to me because you’ve cut off half of the side of the candle. I think you should have either included the entire candle, or removed the entire candle. Because it’s a very prominent object (due to its size and location in the photograph) you need to pay special attention to it with regarding to working it into your composition.

Other than that, great photograph.