Re: Re: Chapter 9

Duncan Rawlinson

This is a great shot with good composition. However, a few basic things need to be achieved in this black and white photograph. For starters, the tonal range isn´t wide enough. You´ve managed to capture a lot of dark tones and grays but the white end of the tonal spectrum is missing. That is what makes the most dramatic black and white photographs. If you don´t have range in your tones, then your photograph will appear a little lifeless as a black and white photograph. The predominance of mid tones (varying shades of gray) give the photograph a slightly flat look. You can fix this by increasing your exposure slightly, but likely you would have to find a different way to compose the image to include more white into the photograph.

What I love most about this photograph is the use of reflection as a tool to add weight to the photograph. When I enlarge the photograph the reflection is really interesting looking. I think this photograph would make a more interesting color photograph than a black and white photograph. It might have been in your best interest to find another area to shoot that had more tonal range, but would still allow you to capture the beautiful reflection off the water.

This photograph is on the right path, but remember: black and white photography isn´t about tonal balance, but about tonal range!

Keep up the good work