Re: Re: Cityscapes

Duncan Rawlinson

This is a great photograph. Well done!

I like similar things about this photograph that you do, but I did have a hard time seeing the contrast in the types of homes and economic conditions. The homes on the hill take up too small of a geographic space compared to the homes in your foreground. When I fully enlarge the photograph it’s more apparent, but as a smaller photograph, the contrast is lost slightly.

From a technical standpoint, the composition is very strong. You’ve used a strong foreground, middle-ground and background which has helped you create a layered, 3 dimensional feel to the photograph. You’ve organized the photograph to ensure you abide by the rule of thirds and your photograph’s overall balance is informal and engaging.

Shapes and lines also play a large role in this photograph. Most of the shapes are square or rectangular, but there are some curved lines which give the image a bit of an unusual and unique feel.

I also like how you have a color palette in this photograph even though your spatial representation is huge and the scene is seemingly chaotic. You’ve really managed to organize this chaos and present it in a professional manner.