Re: Re: Color & Color Theory

Duncan Rawlinson

The goal of this assignment was to have you show that you can simplify a photograph using color as your primary element.

As always there is no correct or incorrect way of taking photographs, some photos are just better than others when color is a priority.

You’ve submitted three photographs.

The first two images have several colors in them. In both the background is dark, there are some green stems, and powerful pinks/reds in the foreground.

If your goal was to use green and the flowers’ respective color than one option would have been to try to get more light on the green stems to make them pop a little better. Maybe this wasn’t possible but either way the green stems, the dark background, and the main flower colors just overwhelm the frame and take over… The point is try to simplify with color like you’ve done in your last photo.

Your last photo is really what this assignment was all about.

The dark black and the green work really well together here.

Try to use this last photo as a model of how to simplify with color going forward.

Sometimes less is more.

Great work by the way.

I can sit here and critique photos all day but the fact is, these are nice images! There is always room to improve though 😉

Keep it up!