Re: Re: Color & Color Theory

Duncan Rawlinson

Great assignment, this is exactly what we were looking for.

You’ve managed to limit your color palette to gradients of only two colors: Green and red.

Your image is very symmetrical in nature, which is great because your object lends itself well to this type of composition. Symmetry works well as a compositional tool when you’re photographic things which inherent balance like architecture or flowers. However, don’t be afraid to break way from making your composition complement the inherent shapes of your objects. What you’ve done is wonderful, I just want you to be aware of tendency to capture objects such as flowers in an exclusively balanced manner.

You’ve also chosen to set your strongest focal point to your middle ground. This means both your foreground and background are in soft focus. This works out well because you have some strong textures in your middle ground but again, don’t be afraid to experiment with your focal point. Generally the strongest texture will make your most interesting focal point. In this case it might be your foreground? I can’t tell because it’s slightly out of focus, but I just want you to be aware of this so you can experiment with it.

One final note I would like to discuss. Don’t feel that a photograph with color simplicity will mean a maco-photograph. Your wider natural environment will surprise you with many opportunities to capture images with strong color palettes.

Look at the following images of wider landscapes for example

Overall, great work!