Re: Re: color theory

Duncan Rawlinson

Thanks for submitting your images.

You have certainly understood the lesson here and you’ve understood the color theory element.

If you could please avoid using CS5 to post process your images too much for this photography school. It becomes hard to tell what was done with each photograph. That is of course, unless the assignment is to use photoshop.. 😉

One thing that would certainly improve your image is to shoot with a nice quality macro lens.

That way you could shoot a photo like this:

Photo by Cynthia.Lou

Also don’t forget to change your perspective.

This always makes for an interesting angle:

Photo by Vince Alongi

In terms of color the main thing is to use color as one of your most important tools to create photos that really stand out.

Color is often forgotten in photography after exposures, shutter speeds, lenses etc etc etc

Focus on color and your work will improve and stand apart.

Nice work.

See you on lesson 6.

Did you submit your photo for the competition yet?