Re: Re: Color Theory

Duncan Rawlinson


Thank you for submitting this assignment.

The lesson 5 assignment reads like this.

Lesson 5: Assignments Assignment Title: Simply Color

This assignment will have you prove that you understand how to simplify a photograph using color as your primary element. You can choose to use any type of color simplification process but the point is to limit the array of colors which make it into your photograph. You can choose to shoot a color highlight photograph, a monochromatic photograph or a photograph which uses just analogous colors or complimentary colors. The point is that you just don’t point and click at any colors you wish. See colors in your world and know how to separate them to create a visually appealing photograph.

You submitted one nice little photograph.

This is very much what the assignment was about.

These colors work well together in this photograph.

Color has a HUGE impact on the quality of your photographs and yet it is often completely overlooked. People seem to only ever notice colorful things.

A couple of minor notes on this image.

The idea behind this assignment was simplification through color. There are a couple of elements in this frame that could have been removed for the purpose of simplification.

The red stem.

The leaf in the lower right which is orange.

The brownish grass.

Here are a couple examples I just found that you could use as guides:

Simple Flower by tallpomlin, on Flickr

A simple flower. by Ollie Crafoord, on Flickr

Do you see what I mean?

I hope this was helpful to you.