Re: Re: Composition: Simplify your world

Duncan Rawlinson

Hi Tammy,

Thanks for sending in another assignment. I like that you’ve used implied lines here. You’ve also tried to use a frame within a frame.

Here are a couple great example examples of the frame within a frame:

photo by ‘us army

photo by theperksofbeing_alyssa

What’s interesting is that the extra frame actually improves the image. That’s really the only time it’s appropriate to use that technique.

In your image I like the how there is a distinctly diagonal feel to it but the frame is so dark I can’t tell what it is. I’m assuming it’s trees.

In any case I think you get the idea. I like that you are trying new things and that’s great. Just make sure what you include in the frame adds to it.

There really shouldn’t be anything extraneous in the frame that isn’t adding to it.

For the soldier’s tombstone I think you’ve done a nice job here.

You have certainly drawn my eye in and that’s very very good. Overall on this one I’d like you to harken back to assignment one.

Remember to be asking yourself, how can I make this more interesting?!

For example you could get VERY close like this:
photo by spiritual_marketplace

Or get much farther away like this:
photo by gnas

In both cases you are not only simplifying your world but you’re also making it inherently more interesting by making a choice about where to position yourself and what to include/exclude from the frame.

99% of photos are taken by someone holding the camera at eye level and clicking away.

You can differentiate yourself easily by just changing that up.

I enjoy hearing that you are now “seeing” better. You will develop this skill overtime and you will find yourself literally jumping up and down with excitement when certain lighting situations occur.

The fact that you drive for work is great! Carry all of your camera gear with you at all times! Even if you’re just going down the street.

Nice work Tammy!