Re: Re: CPL filter

Duncan Rawlinson

I like both of these images.

You’ll notice that at a certain point some filters just become subjective and you have to learn how and when to use each one.

In this case I like both images but what’s more important is that the filter should have achieved what you wanted to.

Did you get the look you wanted?

Many times the CPL filter will help improve your skies like this photograph:

Capo Bianco by PeterJot, on Flickr

Is this the only filter you have?

Obviously this assignment is a bit of a cheat because all I really want the students to do is get out and use the filters! So you’ve completed the assignment by getting a filter and shooting with it!!

Good work. I’m excited to be working with you Erja and I will see you on the next assignment.

I’m sorry if you had technical problems with this assignment.