Re: Re: Diagonals n curves

Duncan Rawlinson

Amazing photograph.

In my opinion, this is one of your strongest images yet. You’ve used lines, texture, balance, lighting and color as primary objects yet you’ve managed to keep the image free of clutter.

Your image has great focus both from a technical standpoint and from a creative standpoint. Both your foreground and background are slightly out of focus while your middle-ground is in sharp focus displaying the recently fallen water drops. The water drops along with the rough edges of the plant give the image a strong sense of texture and a little atmosphere.

You also have other objects in the background but you’ve used such a shallow depth of field that the background is completely blurred simply providing background texture and color highlights.

This also brings up another important point. Audiences are forgiving of extreme amputation when the amputated objects are not prioritized. For example, if the object behind the greenery is a house and it was in focus, the audience would think that because the object is in focus it means something to the composition from a story standpoint. If you amputated it at awkward points, it would degrade your composition. However, if you’ve identified the object to be meaningless to your story but you can’t remove it from your background you can always use a strong depth of field to blur the secondary background object which makes amputation acceptable because you’ll have effectively shown your audience that the background is unimportant (hence, the shallow depth of field).

Great work. I love this image.