Re: Re: Filter Pics

Duncan Rawlinson

UV Filters

The main goal of the assignment here was simply to get you using your filters and thinking about them. There is no correct or incorrect submissions for this assignment.

A photograph taken with a UV filter is often very similar to one shot without a UV filter as you can see here.

Given that it’s difficult to give tips and pointers on this type of filter.

UV filters are good for two things beyond eliminating ultra violet light:

1. they’re cheap
2. they protect your valuable lenses

Just two weeks ago I had a Canon 5d Mk II sitting on the bed in a lowepro case. Someone jumped on the bed and it bounced off onto the floor with a loud CRUNCH sound.

I had my trusty UV filter on the expensive lens and luckily only the filter shattered. I lost a 50 dollar filter instead of a 900 dollar lens!!

With that in mind, always keep clear or UV filters on your interchangeable lenses if you’re interested in protecting them.