Re: Re: Final Exam Blasphemy

Duncan Rawlinson


We have updated information on the delay on the Nov / Dec mail out here:


The forum is to be used as an assignment submission forum which is why we deleted posts that all said the same thing (i.e. “when will the certificates be mailed”). We do this all of the time when administrative things get posted in the forum. We keep them up for a while so people can read them (as we’ll do with this post as well), but to keep the board up to date and free of administrative information we delete posts.

We accept full responsibility for the delay. The course isn’t popular enough to hire full time teachers which is why we are working around an increasingly limited number of staff and busy seasons for photography projects. We recognize the problem of delays and feel terrible that we’ve inconvenienced our students. I assure you that was not our intention.

We have realized however, that in the new year we need to update our approach to better accommodate our own limitations as well. The course is still relatively new (only 2 years old) so we still have to sort out some of these issues.

We hope to have these issues sorted out by the second week of January.

Again, we are terribly sorry for the delay and will ensure we take the necessary steps to ensure this doesn’t happen again.