Re: Re: Finding Depth and Motion assignment

Duncan Rawlinson

You’ve achieved a both of the requirements for these photos.

You have found how to shoot motion and depth.

Now your image of the train going past toom me a minute to figure out. I didn’t even see that it was a train at first actually. I was like where is the motion?!

Now that said you’ve understood the underlying goal of the assignment. It looks like you’ve shot this about about 1/6 shutter which is about right. The problem here is twofold. There is quite a bit of light for the shutter to be open that long and when the shutter is open that long you have to either use a tripod or be a rock solid shooter to avoid camera shake. Notice how the image is blown out a bit on the train? Also note how the whole image is slightly blurry? That’s most likely camera shake. The best solution is a tripod in this case.

In your image of the flower you have achieved shallow depth of field but the vibrance and saturation are very strong. I reduced them a little here and you’ll see it’s a much softer and pleasing image.


Try reducing your ISO a little here and look and change your camera to manual white balance.

Don’t forget to remove things from the frame that don’t add value. Take a look at the spot in the lower left of the frame….

Nice job here!