Re: Re: Inspiration

Duncan Rawlinson

Thanks for sending in your assignment.

The photos you mention your assignment are delightful.

Here they are:

EDOUARD BOUBAT Lella au Concarneau, 1948

[attachment=0:2qte9od5]pont des arts 1954.jpg[/attachment:2qte9od5]
EDOUARD BOUBAT Pont des Arts, 1954

Your assignment and the subject matter reminded me of some photographs that I shot in Paris recently.

I’m glad that you put together your unique perspective for this assignment.

Your piece is not only creative and well thought out but it’s remarkably precise.

Not many people can point to one photographer or a handful of their images like this.

The main thing is to put this inspiration in your pocket and take it with you. Know about it. Think about it. Learn from it.

Nice job here.