Re: Re: Inspiration form the Masters

Duncan Rawlinson

Thank you for submitting your piece.

How spectacular is this photograph?!

Sharbat Gula, Afghan Girl, Pakistan 1984

It’s hard to believe how much impact one single photograph can have on people?!

I appreciate that you’ve submitted a thoughtful piece about photography. The fact that you can remember seeing that photograph as a child in school really shows just how much it has affected you. Not many people can pinpoint one single work of a single artist that has had that impact on them.

I too remember seeing this work. My family has a subscription to national geographic and this image also effected me.

Have you checked out his website?

Maybe you could try contacting him and asking him to be your mentor? Crazier things have happened!

I hope you understand this assignment wasn’t to get you to just write a piece for no reason. The goal was to force you to think about what inspires you. What motivates you?

Having a clearer focus on where your passion for photography started will allow you to grow as a photographer and progress with a clearer focus on what you want to achieve.

When you get a chance can you update your forum signature, maybe your name/website or facebook.


See you on the next assignment.