Re: Re: Landscape

Duncan Rawlinson

This is a stunning landscape photograph. Great work!

What I love most about this image is that you’ve managed to simplify such a large area of space. Even though you’re looking out onto a vast terrain, you’ve still managed to include strong design elements. For example, you’ve incorporated a strong sense of depth with an identifiable foreground, middle-ground and background. You’ve also used a limited color palette of gradients of green, blue and orange.

Not only that, but your colors are full of texture and your environment is very atmospheric. The air is thick with mist which helps give your photograph a slightly mysterious look. It really looks like untouched land.

Lastly, you have great tonal range in the shot. You not only have very deep blacks, but you also have bright whites. This gives the image a more dramatic look than a shot that would have used predominantly mid tones. Great work.

My main concern with this shot is the sky. The sky is blown out because your camera had a difficult time handling the range between light and dark. Your camera compromised by `blowing out your whites. This is a common problem with digital photography.

Read the blog post we wrote about this subject here:

The overcome this problem you should consider using a gray-grad filter. This helps you expose for your foreground (so you keep those beautiful colors and texture) while stopping down your exposure on the bright sky. You can usually pick up a gray-grad filter for between $10-$40.

Beautiful shot overall.