Re: Re: Landscape

Duncan Rawlinson

Wonderful work.

With this assignment we wanted to see you use a larger geographic space, yet incorporate design elements that would allow you to nevertheless simplify your composition.

You’ve done a great job of this by limiting your color palette, keeping the 4 walls of your frame clear of distracting amputations (for the most part) and by using a limited assortment of objects.

Your color palette consists primarily of gradients of blues, greens and whites. Landscapes, more than man made environments, lend themselves well to simplified color palettes. It’s just the way mother nature works! Therefore, landscapes allow photographers to become braver with their use of space, allowing you to design larger compositions.

My only concern with this image is that I’m not sure I agree with the amputation point of the trees in the foreground. I like the inclusion of the foreground object as it helps give the photograph a strong sense of depth. However, the point at which your bottom wall cuts off the trees I find distracting. While amputation may be unavoidable in this case, I think including more of those trees would have been helpful. That being said, I can’t see the full environment so I’m not sure how you were limited in taking this photograph.

Secondly, when your objects are so far away they loose texture. They become shapes. When you look at Ansel Adams photographs you’ll often notice that he tries to maintain a certain texture in his compositions. You can do this by using telephoto lenses, side lighting or strong foreground objects.

It’s a great photograph though! Keep up the great work.