Re: Re: Landscape

Duncan Rawlinson

Hello and thank you for submitting this assignment.

We’ll let’s just jump right into the analysis of both of these images. Let’s start with picture #2 (the top photograph). I really like this image, but I think you could have approached it from a similar design standpoint that you approached your bottom photograph from (i.e. picture #1).

This image has almost a dreamlike quality to it. The seemingly deserted beach,, the calm water and the vibrant blue sky all work together to give this image a very calming, isolated yet warm feel. I also really like how you’re working with textured negative space (i.e. gradients of blue in the sky and the slightly wavy water in the foreground). Similarly, your use of a minimalist color palette helps you organize your composition.

My only concern with the image is that it’s too balanced. You’ve placed your horizon line right in the center of the composition (i.e. this goes against the rule of thirds). I think it would have been interesting to choose which part of the composition was more interesting: the sky or the water? Then use the more interesting section take up 2/3rds of the photograph while the other area would only take up 1/3rd. This would have helped you achieve more of an “informal” sense of balance to your composition.

I really like “picture #1” (at the bottom of your post). This image is very strong and uses both a strong sense of depth (i.e. foreground, middle-ground and background) to help create the illusion of three dimensions. Beyond that, it also uses informal balance (i.e. it’s “weighted” heavily to the left side of the frame), and it abides by the rule of thirds.

In this photograph you’ve identified your foreground and middle-ground as the more interesting section of the composition so you’ve focused on those areas. You’ve only allowed your sky to take up a small part of the top of the composition. This is very good planning on your part. This image is as beautiful as your first environment, but it uses a slightly more “earthy” color palette which gives it an almost de-saturated feel. It also has a slightly atmospheric feel to it which in my opinion gives the shot a little bit of mystery.

Both images are well done. My main concern is to ensure that you approach each environment and study the surroundings: the colors, foreground object potential, balance, texture, lighting, negative space, is the sky interesting? Is the water interesting? Is there a stopper my audience’s eyes can rest on when they are not exploring the rest of the composition? Etc etc.

Your work is progressing beautifully! You’ve done a wonderful job with this course so far. We just want to make sure you’re always focusing on the small details of the composition. It’s those small details which will enhance a photograph from “good” to “great”.

Looking forward to seeing your next assignment!