Re: Re: lanscape

Duncan Rawlinson

Wonderful shot.

This is one of your strongest images yet. In my opinion this photograph has some of the most noticeable design elements in it. These design elements I mention seem to be intentional and therefore the image has a very professional feel to it.

Some of the most noticeable design elements are:

1. The use of strong leading lines
2. The use of lines in the trees that help you keep the focus on the road
3. The use of lines in the small hill in the horizon, which helps create a triangular shape and draw your viewer’s attention to the right of the image.
4. The simplified color palette of browns and gradients of blue
5. The separation of foreground (trees and road) and background (sky). This leads to a great sense of layering.

Overall, you’ve done a wonderful job with this assignment. The only change I would have liked to see is for you to start experimenting with perspective. By lowering your perspective you can exaggerate a stronger foreground and provide a stronger sense of depth and three dimensionality.

For instance look at the following image

You could have achieved this as well by dropping closer to the road. This wouldn’t be safe to do a busy curvy road, but on a more familiar, less busy road, it would be interesting to experiment with.

Great work with this image!