Re: Re: lens and fliters

Duncan Rawlinson

Great to see that you’re using a filter for your images.

Basically that’s the goal of this assignment. To get people to use filters.

In your case and in this photograph you might have been better off using what’s called a neutral density filter.

If you’re shooting in white hot (or very bright situations) a neutral density filter will knock down the light uniformly across the entire frame. Just don’t forget to take it off if you move into a low light situation.

Is this the only filter you have?

Also, don’t forget the basics of composition here. In these photos the main area of interest is the work that the soldier is doing. In this case it looks like he’s tightening bolts on his vehicles’ tires. That should be entirely in the frame.

I know you’re just shooting for this assignment but don’t forget that each lesson should build on the previous lesson and you should keep what you’ve learned already in your mind.

Good work here and you can move onto the next assignment.

Stay safe out there.