Re: Re: Lesson 1

Duncan Rawlinson


This is much more like it!

I’m sorry for asking you to ‘re-shoot’ this but I usually do that when I feel one of the students can get more our of the assignment.

You’ve done well here.

You’ve managed to make some blinds look interesting and that’s quite a feat.

You’ve incorporated a whole series of techniques and ideas into your image, many of which will be discussed in greater detail later in the course.

Your use of patterns, light, lines, sharp angles, depth of field, and even vintage look are all outstanding and they have made for a delightful image. I’m not sure how many of those we’re done intentionally or if they we’re done with your photographic instincts (for lack of a better word).

We’re you intentionally creating a ‘vintage’ look for your images?

All in all I think you’ve accomplished the assignment with flying colors.

You may want to pursue a series of images on patterns and lines specifically if that interests you. They can be really interesting like this:

photo by darwinbell

The point here beyond making things look interesting is to get you to think about how things can look more interesting in everyday life. It’s to get you to think and see like a photographer. Even the mundane can be remarkable through the eyes of a photographer. You don’t have to find the most incredible subject matter in the world to make excellent images. The world is full of interestingness (again for lack of a better word!) Apparently my vocabulary is failing me this morning.

I hope you enjoyed your first assignment.

I look forward to working with you throughout the course.

Onto assignment 2!