Re: Re: Lesson 1 – Assignment 1

Duncan Rawlinson

Great job! What you’ve accomplished is exactly what the assignment calls for. The object you’re working with was a great choice because from far away it may not look like much, but upon closer inspection there are a whole world of photographic possibilities within that one model car.

You’ve also managed to do two things which are very important in photography. They have not been covered in the course material yet, but I’ll point them out to you because they are worth noting as accomplishments.

1. Narrow range of colors: You’ve managed to incorporate a narrow range of colors into this photograph. It creates a simple, elegant and organized look to the overall picture. You’ve simplified the colors so much, it’s almost a black and white photograph. Color simplification is a great way to add a dramatic punch to your shots.

2. Narrow range of primary objects: There are no distracting elements within this photograph. It’s all laid out and organized very well. This photograph looks “intentional” and well planned. I’m not sure if you’re familiar with the “rule of thirds” yet, but you’re photograph’s horizon line follows that rule as well. Great job.

The element that I think you’ve done the best job with is “texture”. It’s such an under explored element of photography. However, I can see the scratch marks on the car’s rims. It adds to such an interesting effect.

I have two things I want to caution you about however. The depth of field effect is wonderful because you’ve managed to focus on the primary elements and you’ve blended the background away which makes it less distracting to look at. The shallower depth of field helps organize and simplify the photograph. However, I feel that you may have benefited from making it a little less shallow. Like I mentioned above, the texture on the wheel is great. However, I would have loved to see the same level of detail in the welding on the side of the car. However, because of the slight difference in distance, it’s slightly blurred (this may have been due to camera shake as well… but I have a feeling it was because of the DOF).

Secondly, be careful with “amputation”. You cut off part of the driver’s side mirror. Make the decision to either include the element or exclude the element. If you’re going to amputate an object make sure it’s very well planned. Pay attention to the 4 walls of your photograph. It’s one of the biggest mistakes photographers make.

Other than that…. Great job! I’m excited to see what else you can produce.