Re: Re: Lesson 1 Assignment

Duncan Rawlinson

Now, my apologies for the delay. There seems to a ‘bug’ in my system for keeping track of assignments.

Now you’ve certainly manages to find a dull/mundane object.

Of course the objective here is to not only find something boring but try to make it look a little more interesting through photography. In your image you have gotten very close to the object and shot the image with very shallow depth of field.

What’s interesting about your image is that your depth of field control is such that the most interesting element, the bump on the remote, is the part you have chosen to highlight! This is is excellent. More often than not when people begin with their depth of field the most interesting element is not the one in focus. In your case you got it right!

In fact you’ve done so well that the depth of field almost feels like it’s causing a ripple in the remote. It’s quite a nice effect and you’ve done well here.

One thing to note here is the color of the image.

Notice how blue it is? It’s most likely because your camera’s white balance is set to auto and your camera is having a hard time figuring out what color everything is… Look at the white sheet/canvas below the television remote in the first as second image. Notice how it goes from almost yellowish to totally blue.

This all has to do with white balance.

In future try to set your white balance by hand to match the light situation your are shooting in.

Overall you’ve done very well here.

Getting close and controlling your depth of field are great ways to improve your images and you’ve done that!

See you on the next assignment.

Apologies again for the slow critique. 😳