Re: Re: Lesson 1: Assignment

Duncan Rawlinson

Great idea for a shot. Showing the wear and tear of a work-boot is a great way to make your audience think about the hard work that went into creating the worn look. I really like this idea and I think you’ve done a great job of capturing the ruggedness of the boots.

You’ve also managed to compose the shot very well. That being said, there are a few areas that could use some altering. For starters your close up shot cuts off (amputates) the slightest bit of the boot toe, the top of the boot and the laces. The laces look okay, but the amputation at the top and especially the sliver of the toe that gets cut off is a bit distracting. Remember, you must ask yourself if you want to include an object or exclude it. If you’ve decided to include the boot in this picture you need to be aware of the whole object, not just the object in the center of the photograph. The 4 walls of a photograph play an integral role in composition and organization. The amputations that occur in this photograph appear to be unintentional and therefore distract from the overall beauty of the shot.

Secondly, I feel the shot could have been slightly more staged. The boot should have been placed in an area that complements the wear and tear (i.e. a dusty work shed, in the dirt outdoors etc) or in an area that contrasts the boot (i.e. a pristine kitchen). Both of these shots would help amplify the boot by either complimenting it or contrasting it. However, the background you’ve chosen doesn’t really compliment the boot.

Since it is a staged photograph, you should spend some time thinking about every element of the photograph from the main subject (which you’ve done a great job of), to the background.

Other than those things, I think you’re off to a great start!