Re: Re: Lesson 1

Duncan Rawlinson

This is a great assignment. You’ve incorporated many great photographic elements into this shot. Some of the elements you’ve incorporated may not have even been intentional, but they work well none the less.

When looking at your two photographs it’s important to analyze what it is that makes the first photograph look undesirable and the second photograph desirable. You’ll notice the concept of simplification comes up time and time again. You’ll also notice if you look through the other student’s assignments that most people chose to do close up photographs for their good photograph and far away shots for their bad photograph. This doesn’t always have to be the case, but it highlights an important point that we will talk about time and time again in the course: Simplification through color control, object control and good composition (especially around the 4 walls of the photograph) help bring a photograph to life.

You’re second photograph is a great example of that. These are the most impressive points about your photograph:

1: You’ve managed to capture 1 object with great focus and clarity.

2: The object is well composed and no parts of the primary object are amputated (cut off) by one of the 4 walls of your photograph

3: You use the post as a “leading line” into the photograph. These lines are great because they guide the viewer’s eye to your main area of interest. It also helps when the leading line comes from the bottom right or bottom left hand corner and you’ve done that well.

4: The lighting and texture of the fabric is wonderful. The lighting has perfectly exposed and the object and no parts are under or over exposed.

5: The photograph uses informal balance and the rule of thirds to help create a dramatic feel.

Your first photograph on the other hand lacks focus and is disorganized and chaotic (Although it’s not a terrible photograph either).

Great first assignment. I look forward to seeing what you do next!