Re: Re: Lesson 10

Duncan Rawlinson

Hi Michael,

As usual your work is right up there at the top of the class.


There are few issues with this image though.

There is always room to improve.

First let me state that it’s a nice image.

Now onto the business:

1: This area is totally blown out. (did you use an ND filter?)

2: I feel these are distracting. Don’t forget to move your feet and get to the best position. Somtimes that’s extremely difficult.

3: I actually like darkness of this shadow as it adds an element of mistery to the frame.

4: The darkness of these clouds makes this photograph work.

5: What a great building!!

I also like that everything is tack sharp.

Nicely done here Michael. Don’t forget about getting accurate exposures and removing distracting elements.

I’m proud of your images.

Great stuff!