Re: Re: lesson 10

Duncan Rawlinson

Great shot! I love how you used the trees to create a frame inside a frame. Very well done. Your composition is improving very nicely. I also notice you’re doing a great job of organizing larger photographs in terms of color composition. There are great fall colors you’ve included in your photograph and all relatively analogous therefore creating a harmonious and soft feel to the photograph.

Generally speaking, the placement of objects, the use of lines and shapes and the balance of the photograph are all very well done. However, I do want to see you experiment with both your camera position and your horizon position.

Try experimenting by getting closer to the ground, adding more objects in your immediate foreground and moving your horizon line either 1/3 up the photograph or 1/3 down the photograph (depending on what 2/3rds is more interesting).

Your photographs are defiantly improving. In each photograph you have completed so far you have great elements. Now I just want to see you start to combine those elements. For example in one of your previous assignments you had a small pony in the shot. This provided a great focal point within your picture. It gives your viewer’s eye something to focus and rest on. In this photograph however, even though the composition is better, you lack a central object to focus on. But your improving greatly. I really look forward to seeing your next assignment!

Great work.